Machine Learning Solutions

Our company has been developing projects for customer requests with the use of deep learning technology. Some of these projects have been carried out with the necessary producting work and presented to the market.

Software Modules

Face Recognition

Product Recommendation


The artificial intelligence based face recognition module we have developed has been made into products by taking customer needs into consideration.

Personal ID recognition system has been developed to be used in places such as corporate firms, R&D centers and factories where many people work and where card access systems do not work efficiently.

The system is presented as a Regional Violation Warning System, which will generate security alarms, especially if certain people enter certain areas in factories.

See the website of our partner company for more details:  

Surveillance and Security

Personel ID Recognition

Violation Warning


By using the facial recognition and product suggestion modules we have developed, artificial intelligence based products were revealed by taking into account customer wishes.

The Virtual Sales Assistant, which recognizes when the VIP customer enters the store for the physical merchandising sector and increases the instant sales by offering personalized suggestions, and the Person Counting and Density Analysis, which provides statistical information for use in marketing processes.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence-based Product Proposition Software with new generation technology for use by e-commerce companies is offered as a SaaS module.

Sales and Marketing

Virtual Sales Assistant

Density Analysis

People Counting

Recommendation Engine


In the field of artificial intelligence, we can develop specific projects for customer requests thanks to our experience and digital library from many projects we have realized in the past.



Customer requirements are gathered and success criteria is determined.


Artificial intelligence algorithms are tested on the customer dataset, parameters and model design are revised for best results.


Tests are carried out with the customer data set.


When the desired success criteria are met in the demo run with the sample data set, the details of the project are determined and the offer is presented.

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